Should I use a massage gun on sore muscles?

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Should I use a massage gun on sore muscles?

Massage guns are often utilised to promote relief from muscle pain and improve mobility. There is evidence that they may also help in the healing process.

What is a massage gun?

Massage guns are handheld devices that use vibrational energy to reduce muscle aches. They come in a range of shapes and sizes and can cost anywhere from £30 to £400. The majority of the available massagers in the market have different massaging heads and adjustable speed levels to reduce muscle soreness.

What does a massage gun do?

Massager guns use vibration therapy to provide a similar outcome as a massage. However, they can be more specific in their targeting. Massage guns increase the flow of blood to the targeted area, which can lessen muscle inflammation and aches. Massage guns can be utilised by anyone, but they are most common amongst pro endurance athletes wanting relief from tight, sore muscles after an intense workout. They offer a great solution for back pain. Using massage guns can reduce muscle inflammation and improve the range of muscle motion.

Do muscle massage guns work?

Research has found that vibration therapy that can be achieved with a muscle gun can be useful in easing DOMS and delayed onset muscle soreness. DOMS can promote pain for 24 to 72 hours after a rigorous workout, but using a muscle gun can help reduce this discomfort. In a scientific paper written by Konrad et al., percussive vibrational therapy assessed calf muscles.

Just after a five-minute treatment, it was found that ankle dorsiflexion—the power to move the toes upwards had increased significantly. However, there was no improvement seen in the available strength of calf muscles.

This study found that percussive therapy is an effective muscle recovery after working out. There is a lack of enough evidence that shows using a massage gun has any direct impact on athletic performance/ However, a massage gun can be beneficial for improvement in reducing muscle pain.

When should you seek medical advice when having muscle pain?

Consult a physical therapist if you are unsure whether the pain is normal. Muscle soreness can often be improved with a deep tissue muscle massage gun. Still, it is necessarily not the right solution for a severe injury or severe aches. If you experience any unusual aches or pain, please see a doctor as soon as possible.

What massage gun to buy?

Most massage guns have a similar look. They look and sound like a hand drill. What makes them apart is the body build quality as well as their motor and battery. Usually, cheaper massage guns have a lower torque and vibration amplitude. In addition, cheaper inefficient motors and low-quality battery means you have to recharge them after every few minutes.

Unfortunately, many brands advertising their massage gun can run for up to 7 hours. While we notice the power drops significantly after 15 minutes of use, and we have to recharge the battery again.

Ensure that the muscle massage gun you buy has an efficient brushless motor is essential. That should be strong enough to provide enough torque and power for deep tissue massages. Equally important, the battery should be the premium type of rechargeable lithium-ion so it can supply the demand for a solid but efficient brushless motor.

Furthermore, as massage guns are made to be portable, paying attention to the build quality is extremely important. A premium massage gun should be made of a well-designed case that does break if it is dropped from 1.5m in height. Some Massagers, like Edinco Sports Massage Gun, take the build quality even further by making the body of the muscle gun scratch-resistant via the latest engineering technics used for military-grade manufacturing methods.

Why should you choose Edinco massage guns?

Edinco Massage guns have a muscular build quality tested in various conditions made for pro athletes. The intensity level of the massage can be adjusted to 20 levels. The powerful, low noise brushless motor is made to last a long time. We use the highest grade rechargeable battery that has ever been used in any portable massager in Edinco sports massage gun.

We are an eco-conscious company and have not used unnecessary plastic in the packaging. Unlike other brands, we used a robust and durable storage container that acts as shipping packaging.

Edinco massage gun has the premium build quality and premium components of products selling at 3 times more expensive than the price we are offering it. You can purchase Edinco massage gun from this link

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massage gun for sore muscles
massage gun for sore muscles
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