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Recyclable Charcoal Toothbrush Heads Compatible with Philips Sonicare

Recyclable Charcoal Toothbrush Heads Compatible with Philips Sonicare

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  • Sustainable & Recyclable: Our Philips Sonicare-compatible toothbrush heads are environmentally conscious, featuring recyclable materials and plastic-free packaging.
  • Universal Fit: Designed to flawlessly fit all Philips Sonicare electric toothbrushes, ensuring a secure and effective brushing experience.
  • Activated Charcoal Cleaning: Experience superior oral care with activated charcoal bristles, designed with a sponge-like feature for an advanced and thorough cleaning experience.
  • Natural Whitening & Antibacterial: BPA-free and formulated for natural teeth whitening, stain removal, and effective antibacterial and antifungal properties that combat bad breath.
  • Proudly British & Certified: From a British brand dedicated to zero waste policies, our toothbrush heads hold certifications from FDA, ISO 9001, CTI, and BSCI, guaranteeing premium quality.
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How to Recycle Edinco Toothbrush Heads?

We use the most premium, food-grade, recyclable POM in making our toothbrushes. Most normal council recycling schemes can effectively recycle Edinco toothbrush heads. However, If you are not sure, you can send the used toothbrushes to the following address:

Londent Oral Care,

1 Copper Row,

London, UK


Kindly write on the box "used Edinco toothbrushes for recycling"; we can then ensure we handle it correctly and safely.

Edinco Charcoal Toothbrush Heads

Charcoal has been used for its superior cleaning characteristics for hundreds of years in the old civilisations of Persia, Egypt, China and India.

Choose Edinco activated charcoal infused toothbrush heads for your electric toothbrush to have whiter teeth, healthier gums and eliminate bad breath.

How Does Charcoal Help with Your Oral Care Routine?

Charcoal's surface has many pores. Additionally charcoal has a sponge-like feature that can highly absorb mouth bacteria, leaving your teeth clean and refreshed.

Edinco activated charcoal toothbrush bristles have charcoal as one of the main ingredients, which makes it the best and easiest way to utilise charcoal’s magical cleaning power without using poor-tasting charcoal powders and toothpastes

Our Certificates


Ultimate cleaning power

Charcoal bristles break and remove plaque for exceptionally effective cleaning, much better than regular toothbrushes. Suitable for daily use, gentle on gums. Dense and powerful vibrating bristles remove up to 2 times more plaque than regular toothbrush heads.

The cleaning power of Edinco charcoal toothbrush is backed by research

8 out of 10 testers who used Edinco toothbrush heads compatible with Oral-B electric toothbrushes experienced a 50% reduction in plaque and stains on their teeth compared to regular toothbrush heads.

Partner with us in Supporting a Good Cause

Edinco is a proudly British brand that follows great British values and standards. We never compromise on quality by any measure, and we offer our customers actual value for their money. We also have astrict environmental zero waste policy in all our operations. As a responsible small business,with every sale, we support trusted charitiesdevoted to providing free education and healthcare to disadvantaged communities worldwide.