About Us


Edinco is abbreviated for Edinburgh Company. The reason for choosing the name is the fond memories that Edinco founder had while living and studying in the city of Edinburgh.

Our goal at Edinco is to offer value by improving the designs of simple products for max usability and durability. When choosing a product, we comprehensively research the market to find the most wanted features that are most wanted by users but lacking in the available products.

Edinco is an eco-friendly company, and we have a strict zero-waste policy in all our operations. We also try to encourage our customers to be more eco-conscious. We offer Edinco Recycling Voucher Scheme, in which we give vouchers to customers who recycle the packaging of the products bought from Edinco.

By buying from Edinco you become our partner in supporting a good cause. Every sale from Edinco website helps disadvantaged communities in developing nations with free healthcare and education. We partnered with a selection of trusted charities to make sure all donations were spent wisely and efficiently.

About Us | Edinco
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Our Mission

Edinco mission is to provide value by improving features and durability while keeping the prices affordable. We use modern, efficient and eco-friendly practices in every aspect of the design, manufacturing and operations.

Our Vision

Edinco aims to expand the range of its products and set the grounds to become the go-to online household brand for products with thoughtful features at a value price.