How to Put Gazebo Up: Simple Assembly Guide

Edinco gazebo in beige colour heavy duty garden furniture


Welcome to this straightforward step-by-step guide on how to set up your Edinco Heavy-Duty 3x3m Gazebo with Sides. This durable and long-lasting gazebo will provide you with a comfortable, protected space for many years. Let's get started!

Let's Begin

Materials Needed:

Edinco Heavy-Duty 3x3m Gazebo with Sides (including roof, frame, and side panels ropes and weight bags)

Step 1: Unpack the Gazebo

  1. Find a suitable location: Choose a spacious flat in your yard or garden to set up your gazebo. Make sure there are no obstacles nearby.
  2. Unpack the gazebo: Open the package and remove all the components, including the roof, frame, and side panels and securing accessories of pegs and weight bags.

Step 3: Installing the Roof

  1. Position the roof: Lift it and place it on top of the gazebo frame. Ensure that the roof is centred and aligned with the corners of the frame.
  2. Fully extend the frame: The frame was extended halfway through in the previous step. Now that the roof is on it, open it fully to hear a click sound. Ensure the roof's corners stay on the frame leg while extending the frame fully.

Step 4: Adjusting the Frame Height

  1. Adjusting the frame height: In Edinco 3x3m heavy-duty gazebos with sides, the legs are telescopic and can be extended to change the height. To do so, press the pin on each leg and extend them vertically, one by one, to the desired height.

Step 5: Attaching the Side Panels

  1. Identify the sides: Locate the side panels and identify which panel corresponds to each side of the gazebo.
  2. Attach the Velcros: Find the Velcro attachments on the side panels and match them with the Velcro strips on the roof. Press them together to attach the side panels to the gazebo roof's matching velcro.
  3. Connect the side panel bands: Look for the bands on the side panels and locate the hooks or attachment points on the gazebo frame. Connect the bands to the frame securely on both the frame's top and side legs.

Step 6: Joining the Side Panels Together

  1. Align the side panels: If you want to attach multiple side panels, position them next to each other, ensuring the Velcro strips on adjacent panels are aligned.
  2. Attach the Velcro strips: Press the Velcro strips on adjacent side panels, to connect them securely.

Step 7: Securing The Gazebo Against Wind

  1. Install the gazebo weights: Fill the weith bags provided with sand, stones or filled water bottles to give it some weight. Then attach them to the bottom of the frame legs to restrict their movement.
  2. Connect the ropes: Tie one rope to each loop provided at the sides of the gazebo roof.
  3. Connect the other end of the ropes to the floor: It can be done by inserting the pegs/nails provided. Just insert them in the floor and tile the other end of the rope to them. Make sure the ropes are tight and fully extended.

Finito, Done✔️

Congratulations! You have successfully set up your Edinco Heavy-Duty 3x3m Gazebo with Sides. Now you can enjoy a durable and reliable outdoor space that will provide shade and protection for many years to come. With its easy assembly and sturdy construction, this pavilion is perfect for all outdoor activities, whether for garden or commercial use.

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