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Combination Paddle Lock for Scooters & Bicycles

Combination Paddle Lock for Scooters & Bicycles

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Combination Paddle Lock for Electric Scooter

Edinco electric scooter combination paddle lock is compatible with all scooters and bikes. Easily to install, secure 5 digits model & strong braided steel. The password lock is made of solid braided steel. Because of this, the lock is flexible and resistant to cutting and sewing. The PVC coating helps to prevent damage from scratching on your electric scooter. The password lock is self-coiling which makes it easy to use and store. Because of the mounting bracket, the lock can easily be mounted to the scooter. This password lock is compatible with all Segway ninebot, Xiaomi Kickscooters and other models of electric scooters.

  • Keep your valuables safe and secure with this revolutionary 5-digit lock! With its 10,000+ possible combinations, it is far more secure than its 4-digit counterparts. And best of all, setting and resetting the combination is a breeze!
  • Introducing Strong Braided Steel: Featuring an unbeatable inner core braided steel cable design, this innovative lock offers strength, flexibility, and an impenetrable defence against cutting and sawing. Plus, with its PVC coating, you can rest assured that your bicycles, scooters, grills, golf carts, and luggage will stay scratch-free! Get ready to stay secure like never before.
  • Revolutionary self-coiling design! This lock opens up a world of possibilities for secure storage. With a mounting bracket included, it's simple to add this lock to almost any object. Unlock the future of storage today!
  • It's never been easier to use! No more hassle - just face up the keyhole, turn the numbers in 90 degree and you're done! Setting up and using is a breeze - the package comes with comprehensive instructions to make your first experience easy and stress-free.
  • Discover the ultimate multipurpose solution – a 4-foot long, half-inch diameter vinyl shell! Perfect for biking, scooting, motoring, skating and everything in between - this is the perfect tool to secure your gates and fences, or even your favourite sports equipment. Who knew something so small could do so much

 How to Set the Combination Paddle Lock for Scooter?

Below, you can see the instruction on how to set and use the padlock.


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