How To Unlock ninebot Max Speed?

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Unlocking Segway ninebot Max G30 is easy in this article, we will briefly introduce the e-scooter. Then, we will show you the easiest way to get the highest speed from your ninebot Max G30 kickscooter.

What We Cover in This Article About Changing ninebot Max Speed

This article will walk you through changing the scooter speed without changing the firmware of the scooter, which means without changing the default settings of the scooter programming.

We have a different article explaining how you can change the firmware settings of the ninebot electric scooter to go faster than the factory settings for your scooter model. For that, read the article about electric scooter hack speed for Segway ninebot max G30 and Xiaomi.

Introducing Segway ninebot Max G30 II

Segway ninebot max G30 II is a beast amongst electric scooters. It has one of the most powerful motors and the highest capacity premium batteries among all high-end segway electric scooters. The scooter is made to last. No wonder e-scooter sharing companies such as Lime are using this model as their fleet!

Changing Speed Modes on ninebot Max

There are three preset speed modes on ninebot Max. You can easily choose any speed mode you want.
Some gurus online show you how to reset the factory setting of the ninebot’s internal software to make it go much faster than what segway suggests. We strongly advise you against that.
That is because the tools and programmes used to hack the electric scooter are not made by the manufacturer. You run the high risk of damaging your ninebot Max forever, and the only way to fix it would be to buy and reinstall new hardware with Segway preinstalled software.
In our years of experience working with electric scooters, it is not worth it to hack the speed of them out of the scope that the manufacturer designed and suggested.
When the settings are appropriately set on Segway ninebot Max, it can go as fast as upto 25km/hour, which is nearly the highest limit you can ride on public roads.
To change the speed mode on your Ninebot Max, double press the power button until you reach the desired speed mode. There are three modes. The first mode is the eco mode, at a speed of around 10km/h. The second speed mode is D for the drive, which is about 18-20km/h. The fasted mode is 23-25 km/h in S mode, which is shortened for speed or sport mode.
Hacking the scooter via external factors (software and hardware) can seriously damage your expensive electric scooter. When the damage is done, you must completely change the damaged parts, even if the damage is only on the software. Due to the shortage in the market, the spare parts are much higher priced than they should be. We do not suggest changing the speed of the e-scooter out of its factory settings.
Additionally, We believe the max speed of 25km/h is more than sufficient for roads. Higher than that speed would be dangerous as the tires of electric scooters are small, and small tires mean a bumpy ride and less control, increasing the risk of falling and accidents.

Where to buy Segway ninebot Max in UK

If you are looking for a genuine Segway ninebot Max G30 kickscooter for adults, buy it from the Edinco website at this link. By purchasing from Edinco, you get an additional charging cable, usually for £20, and a free scooter password lock RRP of £30. That is the already £50 worth of accessories for free. On top of that, with the solid, long-standing logistic connections, we can reduce the transportation costs. We reflect that in our pricing for our customers. By doing so, we reduced the price of the ninebot max electric scooter on our website by £200 compared to other reputable retailers. Check out this page for purchasing the segway ninebot Max G30 on sale.

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